Hello, my name is James Polk, and I am firmly rooted in the Access to Justice Industry.  If you are interested, you can become one of my Outsourced Paralegal Business Consulting Clients!  I will show you how to properly run a Successful Outsourced Paralegal Business like Apex Law Service.  Here is my resume and also my IQ Report.  I am also writing a book.  In addition to running Apex Law Service, I also invest in Civil Money Judgments by becoming the new Assignee of Record of the Judgment via a discount, contingent assignment.  Contact me via Apex Law Service if you have a Judgment to sell.  You can look at some of my unofficial law school briefs on ShittyBriefs.com.  I have an Apex Law Service Business Associate who is a Sports Agent in Nevada names Kori Garrett who can present Sports Agency Clients anywhere in the world and whose office is only a few miles from the National UFC Headquarters in Las Vegas.  We have a focus on Martial Arts Sports Agency helping groups like my Cousin Glen’s Ip Ching Wing Chun Kung Fu FamilyAnother element of the stack of business activities is Praxis Investigations LLC where I am combining efforts to do OSINT and Assistant PI Work.  I have been organizing OSINT People and Paralegal People to do Volunteer Work for Private Investigators who rescue Sex Trafficking Victims and to do Volunteer Work for Attorneys who do Pro Bono work for Sex Trafficking Victims mainly focusing on lawsuits against budget motels that ignore red flags of sex trafficking in their properties on our website PraxisProfessional.com

I have been helping people access legal services via different alternate methods for years and would be happy to talk with you about a number of routes if you leave me a message on my alternative legal service method contact form.

I have this Professional Registration Site called NAOLDP.org where Professionals can become members and create a short 2-sentence listing about their Business Websites.  NAOLDP.org is for businesses like my Paralegal Business ApexLawService.com, and other Legal Document Related Professional Businesses.  We are calling ourselves an Unincorporated Professional FREE Association and registration is FREE. Realtors, Mortgage Loan Officers, Attorneys, Paralegals, Process Servers, Accountants, anybody who fills out documents for their clients in some way is under the umbrella of the National Association of Online Legal Document Professionals.  NAOLDP is sponsoring allinservice.org, a project for kids on juvenile probation and also SkateThruLife.com a project aimed at building 50,000 deliverable cement skate ramps to Cities without skate parks for the kids. 

I have this small software business, DocupletionForms.com and it is a FREE Contact Form Program that we are building out to become a comprehensive expert law system business utility.  Currently if you Upgrade for $12 Monthly we let you use the Data-Merge and we give you a 50GB WordPress & RackSpace Email.  I have a list of software tasks that I am completing on this page, which once completed will comprise of our full expert law system/business utility set of program capabilities.  I also highly recommend ClickFunnels for your marketing funnels.

RetainerCrypto.Online is my site for RCO which is a Crypto Utility Token I plan on rolling out inside of DocupletionForms.com which will give professionals the ability to take payments via RCO which are going to be purchased for $1 each (plus a transaction fee) and committed to a transaction, but then disbursed out to the professional by the client in smaller amounts as the work is completed by the professional.  I am making it so that professionals can give their clients a better sense of control over their transactions across a multitude of types of transactions not limited to the law industry.

Regards, James F. Polk  – –  (657) 234-2232  – –  jfpolk@gmail.com

P.S. We live in California and the Cannabis Industry is huge.  I have several Cannabis Startup Attorneys to whom I can refer you.

P.P.S. I wrote this paper about God’s Favor and how if God favors you, nobody can get in the way of Him blessing you when I was in Seminary in 2013.