I have this little software business, DocupletionForms.com and it is a FREE Contact Form Program. If you Upgrade for $5 Monthly we let you use the Data-Merge and we give you a WordPress on it’s own C-Panel. All you do after you upgrade is follow the directions on 5dollar.site.  We also just added a FREE on-page SEO Analyzer on SEO.5dollar.site!

I have this Professional Registration Site called NAOLDP.org and it is for businesses like my Paralegal Business ApexLawService.com. We are calling ourselves an Unincorporated Professional FREE Association and registration is FREE. Realtors, Mortgage Loan Officers, Attorneys, Paralegals, Process Servers, Accountants, anybody who fills out documents for their clients in some way is under the umbrella of the National Association of Online Legal Document Professionals.  Here is my resume.  I also invest in Civil Money Judgments by becoming the new Assignee of Record of the Judgment via a discount, contingent assignment.  Contact me via Apex Law Service if you have a Judgment to sell.  

NAOLDP is sponsoring allinservice.org, a project for kids on juvenile probation and also SkateThruLife.com a project aimed at building 50,000 deliverable cement skate ramps to Cities without skate parks for the kids.

RetainerCrypto.Online is my little site for RCO which is a Crypto Utility Token I plan on rolling out inside of DocupletionForms.com which will give professionals the ability to take payments via RCO which are going to be purchased for $1 each (plus a transaction fee) and committed to a transaction, but then disbursed out to the professional by the client in smaller amounts as the work is completed by the professional.

I have a list of tasks that I am completing with Subcontractors on the different projects on this page.  

I have a page where I am organizing my law school briefs on this page.  

Regards, James F. Polk – jfpolk@gmail.com